Viviane Fischer, Reiner Fuellmich, 2/3 : Interview – sous-titrée in English

Viviane Fischer, Reiner Fuellmich, 2/3 : Interview – sous-titrée in English
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Pour voir la version sous-titrée en Français :

raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: interview with Viviane Fischer and Reiner Fuellmich was made in view of a fight. A raging battle. Political, of course, but a real fight nonetheless. This fight will decide, in the times to come, on ideological issues, even anthropological ones, which touch on the very essence of what defines humanity, knowledge, reality and truth. These are accompanied by an intimately physical dimension, because it is a question, among other things, of recovering and safeguarding our bodily integrity, our right to autonomy and our free choice to dispose of our bodies.

This fight cannot stop at the expression of a simple disagreement, on the contrary, it involves us, all of us, physically. It takes us to the guts and we live it body and soul. Whether by opposing state power, taking to the streets, prosecuting those responsible or building otherworldly structures in response.

Unfortunately, as with every struggle, the victims are already countless. Those who believed in the promises of power and those who have already paid the price for their insubordination. Faced with this, everyone will have to ask themselves the question: What to do? Continue as before or get out of the old and go to other horizons?

This interview is the door that we push open to another world of perspectives and possibilities. But it won’t be easy. As we are “political animals”, it will not be enough to talk about the other world. It will have to be thought out and built. You will have to suffer failures. You will have to try and try again. It will have to be built from the sweat of our foreheads and the strength of our arms, we will have to sweat it in order to be able to inhale it with each inhalation. In short, you will have to live it. This will be the key to this door to our disalienation: reconciliation between us and the world around us.

And as in any fight, there will be these unexpected encounters. These companions in misery, who understand you without your speaking and in whose presence you can go from laughing to crying without inhibition. You would never hide from their friendship. Eventually, this too will be part of another world: a more candid approach to the ties that unite us. Because we will have to federate to win the victory. However, we will never win this fight by reproducing the same forms that we blame our enemies for.

This is why I would like – even if I have been told that it is not done – to express my deepest thanks to our friends Viviane Fischer and Reiner Fuellmich, as well as to the entire Ovalmedia team, in particular Robert, Anand, Paul and Richard. Without them, none of this would have been possible.

That said, everyone will have to make their choice. Me, for my part, I did mine. It’s been a long time already. But it’s only now that the door has cracked open so I can step through.

And you?

Colin Meier
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Viviane Fischer, Reiner Fuellmich, 2/3 : Interview – sous-titrée in English

Viviane Fischer, Reiner Fuellmich, 2/3 : Interview – sous-titrée in English

Source : Lire l'article complet par BAM! Belgian Alternative Media

Source: Lire l'article complet de BAM! Belgian Alternative Media

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